What is Adobe Lightroom? It’s the best image editor around

Matthew James Oxlade
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If you’re looking for a great way to organize your photos and workflow, Adobe Lightroom is one of the highest rated programs for editing RAW images. The software offers professional features like real-time colour correction, custom brush adjustments, and HDR support. This post will tell you all about Lightroom so you’ll wonder no more about what is Adobe Lightroom.

Lightroom’s user interface is sleek and intuitive to use so you can search through thousands of photos with ease. It also boasts an active online community with tutorials from professionals on how to make the most out of your photos.

Why should I use Adobe Lightroom?

Lightroom has a successful track record of getting more people to pay for absolutely nothing new. When Lightroom was new, the program was free to download and edit photos. A few years later, Adobe made it a paid software, locking the feature set into Lightroom Pro with an annual subscription fee. Now everyone can use all of the features including HDR and shallow depth of field for free at their leisure (and you can also get all those extras in Adobe Photoshop).

If you have never edited photos before, a $10 annual subscription fee will provide you with access to over 10+ years of image editing tools that would cost two or three times as much if bought directly from Adobe.

What computers does Adobe Lightroom run on?

Lightroom runs on pretty much any computer. It even runs on the iPad, so you can view and edit photos in your spare time.

What is Adobe Lightroom best used on?

What is Adobe Lightroom and what does it run on? Lightroom is available in both Mac and PC versions, so they are cross-compatible with each other.

Where can I download Adobe Lightroom?

Adobe offers an online store where you can purchase and download the software as a one-time purchase or sign up for an annual subscription.

Is Adobe Lightroom good for beginner photographers?

This is an interesting question. (I mean this in a good way… I think.) For the purpose of this article, I’m talking about the fact that there are no special tools in Lightroom that will only help first time Photoshop users. That being said, there are some things to know before you start using the software.

This is where your points of reference come into play, like how many editing programs you have used before or what kind of photos types you’ve taken before (landscapes, food, etc.).

You might also want to take a look at the tutorial videos on Adobe’s site and watch how they use Lightroom.

What is Adobe Lightroom used for? Just for editing photos?

Lightroom is NOT just for editing photos. Many people use Lightroom as a file manager, like a file explorer. It’s also easy to create your own presets that can quickly be applied on similar photos later on.

Flame Trees Lightroom Preset - What is Adobe Lightroom

What are Lightroom Presets?

Presets are a feature that allows you to save and load your favorite editing settings on repeat use. This means that when you open the same photo, and have applied the same preset, it will apply your next edit in the way you intended.

What is HDR?

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range which is photography jargon for a photo taken in low light conditions that also contains multiple exposures of the same scene recorded at different exposure times. The high dynamic range part means that each image frame has more detail than one without, so it isn’t as easy to “fix” an HDR photo because of the extra information included in each frame.

Is there an Adobe Lightroom trial?

Yes, there is an Adobe Lightroom trial. You can download a 30-day trial version of Adobe Lightroom at no charge.

How does the trial version work?

With the free trial of Adobe Lightroom, you can access 1/10th of the functionality. For example, you may be able to preview your photos when they are imported into Lightroom. When a photo is loaded, you will see an image preview that shows a miniature view of that photo or video (with your camera’s settings).

You can also access some basic editing tools in the program like adjusting color and exposure as well as cropping and rotating photos. You’ll be able to save your changes and close out of the program.