About Matt, Simplified

I’m self-taught. When I say that, I mean everything I know is finding an answer to a problem I had in-front of me.

If you want the TL;DR version of this, I self-taught my way to success to work with a range of companies, big and small, to make their digital projects come to life.

I was so far off course.

I was a guy who had no idea what he wanted to do with life. I was working in a Government agency filing away scanned road plans. I had given up on a teaching degree in my final year because it didn’t speak to me. How weird is that? Shouldn’t I just have finished my degree so I could have it under my belt to decrease the length of time it would take to do a different degree later on?

While that made sense, and many people told me that, it didn’t make sense to me. I was learning how to structure content for the classroom.

Did I make the right decision?

Did I make the right decision to ditch the classroom for working in digital? I don’t see it as me ditching the classroom. The internet is my classroom. Hopefully Ten Minute Digital will be one of your classes, too.

I’m Matt Walter, and I write all the content here for Ten Minute Digital.

I focus on website creation and development, along with their SEO management.

I’ve worked on large-scale projects including city digital management during disasters and events that put Brisbane in the in the spotlight, such as G20.