The newest free Lightroom preset: Diamond Blacks

Matthew James Oxlade
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We’re back with the┬ánewest free Lightroom preset! This preset is called Diamond Blacks.

About the newest free Lightroom preset

Diamond Blacks is perfect for anything with a lot of dimensions. The preset was designed for diamonds, or jewellery as a whole, because there are so many sides, angles and imperfections that are present.

Just check the preset out in action with these before and after examples created in Lightroom!

Before and after examples

The newest free Lightroom preset
Before Diamond Blacks is applied


Diamond Blacks After
After Diamond Blacks is applied

Download the free Lightroom preset

Want Diamond Blacks Lightroom preset absolutely free? If you’re here before 20 July (2 weeks from release), you can download it absolutely free. Here after 20 July? Then you can download it for the small price of $3.

Download the Lightroom preset now