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How To Create A Photography Portfolio

Whether you’re a beginner, amateur or expert photographer, displaying your work is the end goal. Even if you’re a beginner or amateur, you will want to show people the work you are most proud of. Sure, you might think, “Well, it’s just for family or friends so understanding how to build a portfolio is outside the scope of what I’ll need to know. I just want to share my images on Flickr, Facebook or 500px.” Okay, well let me ask you this. How will you know which images are your best? Knowing how to build a portfolio is so much more than getting some photos together so you can book a job. It’s about curating the best version of you, your brand and your work. It took me a really long time to create a photography portfolio I’m proud of. I still change it regularly as I take new photos and discover changes in my artistic style. This Quickstart will teach you how to assess your work and options for displaying it in a high quality way that compliments your best work. I’ll dissect my own portfolios across multiple genres and show you how to establish your own including visual identity, portfolio mediums and how to take advantage of website features so your work doesn’t compete with external design.

How we’ll create your portfolio

At a high level, we will go through:

1. Why you should build a photography portfolio
2. Why you should build a portfolio
3. What your photography portfolio needs to include
4. How to define your vision for your work
5. How to develop your portfolio
6. How to give your photography portfolio personality
7. How to build your portfolio and bring it to life
8. How often you should review your portfolio

How To Create A Photography Portfolio

I wrote this free online photography course for learning Adobe Lightroom because it’s important to understand the basics if you want to use the Lightroom presets you’ve downloaded. A lot of these chapters are not required to take advantage of the Lightroom presets, but learning Lightroom makes you a more effective photographer, and reduces your editing time dramatically.

Why bother learning Lightroom?

I’ve written the online photography course in a way that makes sense to you. When I first started photography, it was really difficult to figure out where to start. As I spent more time taking photos, I quickly learned it was the photo editing that made the biggest difference to my work. I thought that all you needed to make a good photo was a good camera, a little bit of sharpening and increased colour saturation. Lightroom can do that, but it is so much more than that. It’s a photo catalogue, an editing suite and becomes your third arm with photography.

Is a copy of Adobe Lightroom all I need?

Yep! A few of my best Lightroom Presets wouldn’t hurt either! But if you are just wanting to learn how to make your photos amazing with Adobe Lightroom, a copy of the program is all you need. It comes on Windows and Mac, so take your pick.

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