Lana Bee (OnlyFans and Twitch Content Creator)

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Lana Bee is an OnlyFans and Twitch content creator based in LA. Lana and I do a deep dive on their creative journey, what brought them to OnlyFans and Twitch and how they manage producing such a large body of ongoing content.

In this episode, Lana talks about:

  • How Lana used art to escape a controlled environment and manifested their freedom
  • How Lana got out of a cycle of homelessness and established in their own home
  • The income differences from stripping, cam work and other sex work
  • How Lana maximises their income
  • Whether Fansly can overtake OnlyFans are the primary outlet for online adult content
  • If Cardi B and other celebrities who appear on OnlyFans are watering down the potency of sex work
  • What OnlyFans can do to communicate better with sex workers and content creators
  • How Lana manages to distribute a consistent and large output of content while going through periods of depression
  • Recommendations for tackling OnlyFans subscribers who cross the line of appropriateness and Lana’s views on parasocial connections
  • How Lana balances their OnlyFans persona with their real-world intimacy offerings to a partner

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