How to set up a new WordPress user

Matthew James Oxlade
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Do you know how to set up a new WordPress user, or know what the difference is between an author and an administrator user? Here’s how to set up a new WordPress user without any hassle.

How to set up a new WordPress user

1. Log into WordPress

Log into your WordPress website like you would to create new content. Your login page is your domain followed by /wp-admin, like this:

2. Navigate to ‘Users’ and ‘Add new’

On your left hand side, there’s a sidebar item called ‘Users’. Hover your mouse onto ‘Users’ and select ‘Add New’ in the sub menu.

3. Complete the form

Complete the form. Here’s some standard recommended values we use when creating new users:

Username: the user’s email
Email: the user’s email (again)
First Name: the user’s first name
Last Name: the user’s last name (if you have it)
Website: you can leave this blank
Password: make this something simple that at least ranks as ‘Medium’. Write this down.
Send User Notification: Leave this box checked
Role: see more information below

4. Email the new user

Click on ‘Add New User’ button. Even though you have the ‘Send User Notification’ box ticked, the new user only receives a notification that an account has been created. The new user does not receive the login URL or account details. We recommend you follow up with the user with an email of your own that says:

“Hey [name],

I just created you an account on my website. Here’s the details you’ll need to login:

Login URL:
Username: [the user’s email]
Password: [the password you set for the user]

Let me know if you have any problems.”

How to set up a new WordPress user

Which role type should you make the user?

It’s important that you understand two types of user roles:


Author allows the user to create new content, but not create users or make changes to the site.


Administrator allows the user to create new content and create users and make changes to the site.

If you have asked someone to help you optimise your site or change content, it’s always safest to make them Administrators so they have all the same access as you. As you’re the owner of the site, once the work is completed, you should reduce the helper’s role or remove them entirely. The changes they made will still remain on your site.