How to change TikTok username

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TikTok started and you chose a name without thinking of how to change TikTok username if you ever needed to. Maybe it was ‘@Hotflame666’ or ‘@Hillbillywillie’. Over time, TikTok got more popular but you already put out some great content that got you some solid like numbers. You don’t want to start a new account and leave all your juicy metrics behind. What do you do? Here’s how to change TikTok username so you can keep everything you’ve worked hard to build in the early days.

Things you need to know

Before you go too change-crazy, you need to know one important thing. And it’s really important. You can only change your TikTok username once every 30 days.

Another, probably obvious, thing you need to know is that you can’t share a username with someone else. Your username needs to be unique. So if you’re starting a business called McDonalds, you might want to rethink it. Maybe call it McDonnies? It’s totally your choice, but your name needs to be unique. It’s just the rules.

Check out the video below on how to change your username:

Still want to know how to change TikTok username?

Ok, let’s get started. It’s actually really simple. The process is the same no matter if you’re using an iPhone or Android device. Don’t know why you’d use an Android though, but I digress…

Step 1

Tap on ‘Me’ at the bottom right inside of TikTok. It’s the little head that probably looks nothing like you. I hope it looks nothing like you…

Your profile will load up, just like mine has below. Tap on the big ‘Edit profile’ button.

How to change your TikTok username

Step 2

You can edit any of the information in your profile, but we are looking for how to change your TikTok username, so tap on your username.

How to change your TikTok username

Step 3

Your current username will appear in the username field, but it’s editable.

Delete your current username and write your new username. If the new username is available and not in use by someone else, a green tick will show.

TikTok also says that you can use periods, but keep them out of your username because it adds an extra element of difficulty when telling someone your username. As a brand, you want it to be clean and simple – periods add unnecessary complexity.

How to change your TikTok username

Step 4

Remember how you can only change your username once every 30 days? You’ll need to confirm that as your final step to a new life with your new name on TikTok.

How to change your TikTok username

Make sure you check that you haven’t made any spelling errors and have thought through the name enough to commit to at least 30 days before you can change it again.

You’re done!

Boom! Your username is now not the weird one you chose when you first signed up, and now is actually representative of who you are now.

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