Astrophotography: Sky Explosion free Lightroom Preset

Matthew James Oxlade
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Speed up your Astrophotography editing workflow with this preset for Adobe Lightroom, called ‘Sky Explosion’.

Why I created this astrophotography preset

I’ve never gone so far out of the city that I’ve had a chance to take photos of the stars. I was a few hours out of the city and I thought I would try it. I looked on the back of the camera after taking a 30 second exposure, expecting to see all the details in the sky. But it was black. There was nothing visible but a few specks of light that I could only assume were the stars.

I wondered how to get the level of detail that other photographers that shoot stars and nightscapes can get. I sat down, figured it out and discovered it’s all in the editing. All of the data of the night sky is in your file, but you need to edit it in a way that showcases the amazing detail that is sitting under all that darkness.

Get your hands on the free Lightroom Preset for photographing stars

Now is your time – for one-week from today.

Before and after examples of the astrophotography preset in action

Astrophotography - Before the Sky Explosion Lightroom Preset is applied
Astrophotography – Before the Sky Explosion Lightroom Preset is applied
Astrophotography - Sky Explosion Lightroom Preset After
Astrophotography – After the Sky Explosion Lightroom Preset is applied

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