Music Photography Tips 1: Contrast, angles and background

Concert Photography Tips is a video series where I take you on a journey with my camera. Follow me on the axis of my lens while I point out photography tips along the way. Concert Photography Tips is the best way to learn how to be a music photographer.

When I first started with music photography, I was unsure of myself and had no one to show me how to take advantage of situations. I’m still unsure of myself, and I’m still learning every time I shoot. While that will never change, there are so many great photographers out there that need to know they aren’t alone, or just need a friendly helping hand. I started this project to share everything I know with anyone that wants to know. My information is your information, and through these videos, my experiences can be yours too.

Follow my camera as I shoot local and international bands, moving as I move to shoot, and seeing how I take a photo.

Concert photography is not something that we should be secretive about. We should be sharing our knowledge and helping others get started or keep pushing to hopefully creating memorable work. These videos are short, easy to digest and will be covering a range of aspects of concert photography through my time with different bands.

If I can help one photographer get started with their passion, this project will be a success. I want the project to be as helpful as possible, so I really want to hear your feedback.

Episode 1 is focused on contrast, angles and background subject matter from a Violent Soho show in Sydney.

What camera settings did I use?

Shutter speed: 1/160
Aperture: f/1.4
ISO: 800

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