Photography course Brisbane: 4 of my favourites

Matthew James Oxlade
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Looking for photography course Brisbane-based? I’ve collected some of the options for beginner photographers in Brisbane who are wanting to go down the avenue of photography courses rather than being self-taught. Hopefully the next step will be landing one of the many photography jobs out there.

I wrote an article about whether being a self-taught photographer or a photography course is a better option for learning. You should take a read of the article, but here are a few different quotes that I think summarise what I mentioned in it:

A guideline I use for photography courses is that if the teacher does not offer both beginner and expert level courses, generally they aren’t worth doing.

If you need structure, commitment and someone to guide you in person, you’re more suited to a photography class.

Even if you do pay for a photography course, there is still value in teaching yourself a thing or two. No teacher will know everything, and there is no guarantee that your photography teacher is going to explain things in a way that makes sense on the first attempt.

As I mentioned, I am self-taught. But that doesn’t mean I can’t help you find a photography course Brisbane-based that might be worth looking at. There is a few pros and cons for each photography course listed below, but please keep in mind that this is my research undertaken for you. Because I don’t know you personally, I can’t be sure what your individual needs are. But hopefully, the below helps you make a choice or simplifies your search for the most suitable photography course in Brisbane for you.

Here is a list of photography courses in Brisbane you might want to take a look at:

Blue Dog (photography course just outside of Brisbane

Visit Blue Dog’s site

Blue Dog has courses for all types of photographers, including beginners, hobbyists and more advanced shooters. Blue Dog also offers a variety of different photography courses such as retreats, single sessions and online courses. If I were to book with Blue Dog, I would be most interested in their photography retreats. Blue Dog seems to have a good balance of photography course types, but much of their content seems geared towards night photography.

Since they are located outside of Brisbane, your ability to get some great night photos without the light pollution of Brisbane’s CBD is much higher. Sounds like a great place to learn if you’re ready to commit to a short retreat as a photography course.

Photography course Brisbane

TAFE (Studio photography course Brisbane)

Visit TAFE’s site

TAFE is a well-known option for all arts-based courses, and photography is no different. How TAFE differs from other photography courses in Brisbane is that it is much more focused on making you a studio photographer. While some other photography courses may be less structured than TAFE, TAFE will show you the ropes using industry-level equipment without you needing to invest in the equipment yourself. One of the downsides of super structured courses like TAFE is that it teaches you how to be technically proficient.

That might sound strange to list as a negative, but if you are so focused on being technically proficient, it’s possible that you will forget how to break the rules of photography. I personally feel like breaking the rules of photography is an important step in producing original work. Having said that, if studio photography is your interest, TAFE’s equipment and offering is definitely something to take a look at for a photography course Brisbane.

Take Better Photos (photography course Brisbane)

Visit Take Better Photos website

Take Better Photos offers beginner, intermediate and advanced photography courses, however, the team are more focused on the beginner and intermediate offerings. Their offerings are related to certain photography styles rather than general photography tips. It’s not the way I would like to learn, but it would suit photographers who want to take better photos at family events or simply be a slightly better photographer than they would be if they tried to figure out photography themselves.

Design College (photography course and Photoshop short course in Brisbane)

Design College is a good alternative to TAFE if you’re looking for an alternative. They offer very similar courses, including a Diploma of Photography and Photo Imaging. Design College have full and part-time courses available, and appear to be a very structured photography course.