Music Photography Tutorial: Dune Rats

Matthew James Oxlade
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I’ve started making small music photography tutorials and throwing them on YouTube. This is the second music photography tutorial and is of a band called Dune Rats.

Dune Rats are a punk band from Brisbane, Australia. They are truly one-of-a-kind personality x 3. Because there are three of them. Get it? The maths adds up.

Check out what shutter speed I used, where I dehazed and where I focused this music photography tutorial.

Watch the music photography tutorial video

About the photo

Here’s how I took this photo of Dune Rats.

Dune Rats Music Photography Tutorial

I took this photo of Dune Rats on the Hurry Up and Wait album tour at Fortitude Music Hall in Brisbane.

Shutter speed

A chose 1/160 second shutter speed, just to make sure that there wasn’t any motion blur. I wanted to minimize any kind of movement because I didn’t know when they would take the bow.

If I did get the bow, I didn’t want any blur. So it’s super crisp because of the 1/160 shutter speed.


I focused on whoever was closest to the camera because the band is never going to be in a fully straight line, but Brett was closest to the camera. So I focus on his backside.

Dehazing in Adobe Lightroom

I also lightly dehazed around the back area of the bottom row of the crowd, because it was pretty washed out around there.

Dehazing it really helped bring back some of the definition in the people without making them too dark.

Photography gear used

I took this photo with:

  • Canon 5D MmkIV
  • Sigma 15mm DG EX Fisheye