Music Photography Tips 2: Crowd participation

Episode 2 of Concert Photography Tips is all about capturing crowd participation. Concert Photography Tips is a video series where I take you on a journey with my camera. Follow me on the axis of my lens while I point out photography tips along the way. Concert Photography Tips is the best way to learn how to be a music photographer.

Matthew James Oxlade
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Episode 2 of Music Photography Tips is here! This episode talks about the importance of capturing crowd participation and the atmosphere of a gig.

In case you missed episode 1, we spoke about contrast and context when you’re telling a story.

Feedback on music photography tips

As the first episode of Music Photography Tips, I asked for feedback on where you would like the series to go and what tips you would like it to cover to help you be the best music photographer you can be. Here are a few comments on the Instagram post I put out:

Amazing to share. And nice to start a relaxed conversation rather than tense over ownership. Very big of you! – @a_girl_got_a_name

I’m excited to see where it goes from here! – @sticksnbricks666

This is sick! I enjoy Adam elmakias’s videos like this but dig how you’re getting more in depth. Keen to watch these! – @j0shcook

Learned new tips from your video. Thank you! You’re easy to understand and get your message across well. Great start! – @teaguricanephotography

The tips are really helping thank you – @spooky_sam_christmas

Words can’t explain how happy I was that the first episode was useful. Sometimes when you have an idea, it’s not always useful to those who it is intended for. The intention of the photography tips video series is to help beginner photographers get up and running in the music industry, so I was so happy to read that it helped!

You may have read in the previous post or video that I started this video series to help cut through the secretive nature of the photography industry. Nothing should be a secret and you should be able to rely on the information you are given. After all, your skill is what will get you ahead, and that is unique to you.

Episode 3 of music photography tips is in the pipeline and will drop in another fortnight. In the meantime, I might see you in a photo pit!