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Matthew James Oxlade
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Jake Laderman of Clowns band and Damaged Music takes us on an honest journey through the hardships of being in a DIY band, advice for up-and-coming bands new to managing their budgets, what it’s like starting a record label and more.

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Episode highlights

“Yeah, I think Euthanise Me got a lot of radio play when that record was around and Never Enough, I don’t really know. I think that was just like a song that stood out on that record. That was one of the hardest songs I’ve ever written.”

“There was just clashes in opinion in the band at the time. There was so many. I think that song took about nine months to write. I know that sounds crazy. I think that was like one of the first songs we wrote for Bad Blood, but it wasn’t finished until a week before we recorded it.”

“I’m going to be honest, man. I feel like it sounded pretty good on the first version, but I can’t really remember. Sometimes you have all these petty fights when you’re writing a song with your band mates. But when you get the finished product, you forget all the things you were fighting for.”

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