How to make money selling photography gear on eBay

Matthew James Oxlade
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With so many photographers and sellers selling things on eBay, setting your item apart from others is crucial. So how can you make money selling your photography gear on eBay? Let me show you.

Make money honestly

Recently I put my Canon 50mm 1.2L lens up for sale. I had picked up the 24-70 2.8L II and didn’t need both camera lenses. I’ve sold a lot on eBay – most often cell phones, mobile phones, iPhones etc. But here’s the secret to making money on eBay – be honest and take your time.

How to show your gear honestly

A lot of sellers offer their camera equipment without many photos. Photography gear is expensive, so give your eBay bidders some proof as to why they should bid on your camera equipment. Taking multiple photos of your item is super important. Take photos from above, below, all sides, and up close of any damaged areas. Before you ask – yes – wear and tear is damage worth noting. Here are the images I took for the 50mm 1.2L lens I put up for bidding and why I took the photographs from these angles:

Lens held up against a consistent colour to show that there are no marks or fungus on the glass.

Sell photography gear on ebay

The lens held up against a different subject to show that the glass is not warped in any way.

Sell photography gear on ebay

Close up of the wear and tear on the lens. This kind of wear does not affect operation, but is worth noting so you can be completely honest with your bidders.

A photo of the underneath of the lens so they can see that there is no rust or fungus on the glass or steel.

Sell photography gear on ebay

General wear on the lens hood is shown, but also demonstrates that the item comes with the original accessories. The accessory model numbers are shown to the camera to prove that they are the original pieces and not generic accessories.

Sell photography gear on ebay

The main photo needs to be bright to catch the browser’s attention, and all pieces are stacked in an appealing way. Showing the item as individual pieces shows value for money, or a ‘bargain’.

Sell photography gear on ebay - make money

How much did I sell the lens for? The lens retails for $1,500 and I pocketed $1,250. The average winning bid for this lens sits around $950, meaning my efforts made me around $300.

What are your tips to make money selling photography gear on eBay?