Free Lightroom Preset: Winter Shore

Matthew James Oxlade
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Friday free Lightroom presets! Or something along those lines… All I know is that it’s Friday, which means I am making another Lightroom preset that created for my use, available for your use!

While I’m doing my own photo editing, I save presets based off photos that I edit. So, if you’re after free presets and you use Adobe Lightroom, you’re in the right place. Just scroll to the bottom of the page, and get downloading! Or, check out all the other free Lightroom presets I have released.

Winter Shore is another vintage style photography preset. This preset is a little more subtle in its effects on your image, but it alters the colour of browns a little and maintains a natural look. The example images are all landscape Lightroom edits, but they suit a whole bunch of different photos.

You know I don’t like HDR Lightroom presets, but here’s where you can get some of your own. It should help out as a starter pack for you. Also, some people are asking for Photoshop actions. Unfortunately, I don’t edit with Photoshop unless I am cloning out some content because it is much better at Photoshop than that. So I wish I could help, but I don’t make Photoshop actions for my own use, so I have nothing to share. Sorry!

But, I’ll be back with a new free Lightroom preset next Friday!

Before and after

Before the free Lightroom preset is applied:

Winter Shore before

After the free Lightroom preset is applied:

Winter Shore after

Download the free Lightroom preset

Oops! You missed the free period to download this preset for free. Don’t worry, it’s still available for $3.

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