What is the best smartphone on the market for photographers?

Matthew James Oxlade
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We should get to the point: on the off chance that you need the best cell phone camera, our pick of the best smartphone on the market for photographers is the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+. Different smartphones may have more megapixels or better low-light execution, yet as an all-rounder the iPhone 6’s camera is extremely powerful. It’s pretty impressive in poor lighting, too.┬áMuch the same as picking another camera, picture takers of all levels ought to be acquainted with the upsides and downsides of each cell phone’s camera before focusing on another factor.

Android’s best smartphone: Samsung Galaxy S6

The Samsung Galaxy S6 highlights a 16MP camera and can record Ultra HD feature. Inside the smartphone’s body, you’ll discover a 8-center, 2.1GHz processor and 3GB of RAM. It has a 5.1inch, 1440 x 2560 determination screen, a most extreme opening of f/1.9 and genuine optical picture adjustment.

Whether you’re into capturing selfies or sunsets, the 5 MP front camera and 16 MP rear camera are ready when you are. With a launch time of just 0.7 seconds, you can capture more of your favourite moments, as they happen. And thanks to its optical image stabilisation, fast tracking auto focus and bigger, f1.9 aperture for better low light results.

So are Samsung telling the truth about their smartphone? They sure are. Samsung are really giving Apple a run for their money with their smartphone cameras, both in the cell phone market and cameras.

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Apple’s best smartphone: iPhone 6 and 6+

Sure, the iPhone 6 had some initial camera issues. Apple took them back and gave out new smartphones to those few with affected units. Let’s put that aside, and this smartphone’s camera is phenomenal.

It is only an 8 megapixel camera, but the sensor inside the smartphone is higher quality (in my opinion) than the Samsung Galaxy S6. This means the photos are more vivid and contrasty even though the megapixel number is lower.

My opinion on these smartphones for photographers are my opinion – there’s so many smartphones on the market for photographers, and finding the best one for you is up to you. Good luck!